A “Nonfiction” label
for photographs?

Imagine if anyone who posts an impressive-looking photograph including even news organizations could instantly reassure viewers in cases when that photograph had not been doctored.

Now there is an easy way to do exactly that.

Anyone can attach the “Guaranteed TCQ” label to any of their own photographs (impressive or not!), at no charge and with no permission or sign-up needed.

Those two words Guaranteed TCQ say a lot. They mean the photographer is publicly guaranteeing that their photo has all 9 characteristics of the most-widely trusted photographs in the world.

It is easy to make photographs that qualify for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label, even with a smartphone.

Simply take a normal photograph — with no added effects — and leave it as is. That photo will usually qualify for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label!

(Most of the impressive photos you see have had added effects and have not been left “as is.”)

Years in the making, TCQ is a solid solution to the biggest problem photography has ever faced:

In the age of digital manipulation — when viewers don’t know when to believe their eyes — how can photographers win viewers’ trust?

Anyone who appreciates how a single photograph can stir the human spirit will understand why TCQ was designed to ensure that that power will never be diminished.


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