#16 in a series of background briefs


TCQ will always incorporate the standards of the world’s largest providers of trusted photographs, whoever they happen to be now and in the future.

“rinairs” is an acronym combining two components:

(1) respected international news agencies

(2) information-reportage standards

• No photograph can meet the Trust Checklist if it doesn’t meet rinairs for non-misrepresentation (as per Q7) and non-deception (as per Q8).

• In addition, rinairs serves as the arbiter (“How much is too much?”) for all of TCQ’s Allowable Changes.


There is no single standard

Note that respected news agencies can have different standards than are incorporated into the Trust Checklist.

For example, as is acknowledged here, news organizations may have stricter standards regarding subject manipulation when it comes to news reportage (as can be discerned from the “i” in “rinairs,” TCQ is based on looser information-reportage standards).

But the Trust Checklist can still be useful as an initial “screening filter” for photos submitted to news organizations by the public.

Even when a news organization has stricter non-manipulation standards than TCQ, submitters can be assured that if a photo doesn’t meet the Trust Checklist then it definitely won’t meet the news org’s stricter standards.

Questions 761-764 deal with news organization policies.