#23 in a series of background briefs

TCQ is not suited
to two huge groups of photos

(Many photos fall into both groups)

Group 1

Photos presented in contexts where viewers won’t expect to see the label because those contexts openly emphasize “appearance” more than “trustworthiness”:

• the “social” side of social media
• advertising
• marketing/promotion
• stock photography


Group 2

Photos of types that in the 21st century are usually recorded and manipulated in ways that keep them from meeting the Trust Checklist:

studio photographs (of any subject)

portraits (because removing the depiction of even a single mole or wrinkle disqualifies a photo from TCQ)

panoramic photographs — like those on smartphones — that are made by re-aiming the camera during or between exposures

art photographs that don’t meet the Trust Checklist

fashion photographs

food photographs

product photographs

• photographs of fireworks

architectural and interior photographs (especially in real-estate contexts)


Why aren’t these types of photography well suited to TCQ?

What kinds of photographs is TCQ best suited for?