#4 in a series of background briefs

The 3 goals of TCQ

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  • 1. Reminding the public to be skeptical

    It's a constant theme on this website, from #1 and #2 of the Home page on:

    Always be skeptical about pictures you encounter in the digital age, no matter how convincing the picture may look.

  • 2. Helping the public identify trustworthy photos

    In a worldwide sea of convincing-looking-but-contrived images,

    the “Guaranteed TCQ” label makes it easy to identify photographs that the photographer is personally guaranteeing are neither doctored nor misrepresentative.

  • 3. Helping the public identify trustworthy sources of photos

    How will the public cope in a world of deepfakes?

    By relying on information sources known to have a “zero-tolerance” policy for doctored or deceptive visual images. Making use of TCQ on some level — see #1 on this page — will be a natural part of that approach.

    The digital age is still very young, and the world is only beginning to recognize the need to get more skilled at distinguishing between trustworthy and untrustworthy sources of information.

    For example, few members of the general public understand the difference between information provided by sources that have these 10 attributes vs. information from sources that do NOT have those 10 attributes.

    (The good news is that there’s no magic or luck involved in being a trustworthy source: any information source that wants to have those 10 attributes can choose to have them.)



















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