100 famous photographers

What is this list about?

Many of the best-known 20th-century photographers in the US and Europe — and many prominent photographers working today — each made thousands of photographs that would likely meet all nine qualifications of the Trust Checklist:

Berenice Abbott
Sam Abell
Ansel Adams
Robert Adams
Diane Arbus
Eugène Atget
Bruno Barbey
Micha Bar-Am
Bernd and Hilla Becher
Ian Berry
Ilse Bing
Werner Bischof
Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Christopher Burkett
Rene Burri
Larry Burrows
Cornell Capa
Robert Capa
Jean-Phillippe Charbonnier
William Christenberry
Bruce Davidson
Roy DeCarava
Jack Delano
Raymond Depardon
David Doubilet
David Douglas Duncan
William Eggleston
Alfred Eisenstaedt
Elliott Erwitt
Walker Evans
Horst Faas
Donna Ferrato
Larry Fink
Martine Franck
Robert Frank
Leonard Freed
Lee Friedlander
Georg Gerster
Nan Goldin
Burt Glinn
Frank Gohlke
Lauren Greenfield
Philip Jones Griffiths
John Gutmann
Ernst Haas
David Alan Harvey
Ron Haviv
Lewis Hine
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Andre Kertesz
William Klein
Mark Klett
Josef Koudelka
Dorothea Lange
Helen Levitt
John Loengard
Danny Lyon
Sally Mann
Mary Ellen Mark
Jim Marshall
Don McCullin
Steve McCurry
Susan Meisalas
Wayne Miller
Richard Misrach
Lisette Model
Charles Moore
Inge Morath
Christopher Morris
Wright Morris
Martin Munkacsi
Carl Mydans
James Nachtwey
Gordon Parks
David Plowden
Eliot Porter
Albert Renger-Patzsch
Robert Polidori
James Ravilious
Marc Riboud
Eugene Richards
Jacob Riis
George Rodger
Willy Ronis
Arthur Rothstein
Galen Rowell
Sebastião Salgado
Erich Salomon
John Sexton
David Seymour
John Shaw
Charles Sheeler
Raghubir Singh
Michael A. Smith
Paul Strand
George Tice
David Turnley
Peter Turnley
Grey Villet
Roman Vishniac
Dan Weiner
Edward Weston
Garry Winogrand


Notes on the list above

The list could go on for pages.

• One could add to the list countless prominent photographers in every country (the list above is essentially limited to photographers born in the U.S. and Europe).

• One could also add to the list many of the thousands of photographers who contributed to the popular newsphoto magazines in various countries in the 20th century.

• One could also add to the list hundreds of photographers not named above who work(ed) for Magnum, Black Star, Gamma/Liaison, VII, AP, Reuters, and other photo and newsphoto agencies.

• One could further add to the list almost every prominent nature, outdoor, wildlife, sports, and adventure photographer who produced a body of work before the digital era.

Who doesn’t make this list?

What about all of the famous photographers who openly doctor(ed) their photographs?

Any evidence that someone on this list did not make “thousands of photographs that would meet this website’s definition of ‘undoctored’ and would likely meet all nine qualifications of the Trust Checklist” can be submitted via the Contact page.