3 levels of engagement
for content providers

“The Trust Checklist was designed to be a universal standard, useable as a benchmark around the world.”

Content providers can engage with TCQ at any of three levels:

1. Low-level: Using the Trust Checklist (or other material on this website) merely as “a background aid” in checking, refining, or formulating the provider’s non-manipulation policies, never publicly referring to TCQ

2. Mid-level: Using the Trust Checklist behind the scenes to check photographs even though the “Guaranteed TCQ” label is not going to be used on the photographs that meet the Trust Checklist

3. High-level: Using the “Guaranteed TCQ” label on photos that fully meet the Trust Checklist

Putting TCQ to use

Three settings where the “Guaranteed TCQ” label is more likely to be trustworthy

Why isn’t social media a reliably credible place for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label?