More on rinairs

“Respected international news agencies”

. . . are designated the arbiter for TCQ because TCQ is about “trust” and those agencies are the world’s largest providers of trusted photographs.

Those agencies feed photographs (of all kinds of subjects) to the largest newspapers, news websites, and news channels — of all political inclinations — around the globe, with subsequent viewing by hundreds of millions of people.


A. What the term means

The term “respected international news agencies” is used on this website to refer to free-world news “wholesalers” who provide content to the thousands of news “retailers” around the world.

(The term does not include news aggregators like “Google News” or “The Week,” which connect an audience to reportage from news agencies but are not themselves significant sources of news reporting.)

“Respected international news agencies” are used as the reference point for “non-misrepresentation” in Q7 and “non-deception” in Q8 because

(a) those agencies generate, process, and distribute reportage articles and photographs more widely around the world than any other entity; and

(b) earning and retaining “trust” is extremely important to those agencies and to the thousands of news providers to whom they supply articles and photographs; without that trust they would go out of business.


B. What the term doesn’t mean

TCQ’s invocation of the “rinairs” standard does NOT mean that “respected international news agencies” are infallible, inarguably objective in every situation, always and forever without a hint of bias on even the smallest matters, able to meet their own standards in every respect 100% of the time, capable of monitoring every choice made and every change performed by each of the tens of thousands of photographers from whom they receive images, or any other such nonsense.

TCQ will always be based on the standards not of any specific “brand” but rather on the standards of the largest international suppliers of trusted photographs, whoever they may be.