More on FAQ #1008

1008. How much flexibility do TCQ photographers have in what they say about a photograph beyond an “IC” with a * ?

TCQ photographers (like all photographers) have infinite flexibility in what they say about their photos. There are never any restrictions on the nature or quantity of what is said.

Remember, viewers are told to disregard the “Guaranteed TCQ” label “when anything about the photograph or its presentation looks implausible, unrealistic, doctored, untrustworthy, or suspicious and is not explained to the viewer’s satisfaction.”

Any photographer who wants to optimize viewer trust in the age of Photoshop may discover that a little explanation can make a big difference.

TCQ photographers can always say as much or as little as they think will take to earn viewers’ trust.

Viewers can easily ignore any provided “background” if they’re not interested.

Four descriptions of situations when photographers might add an explanation