More on FAQ #1011

1011. If not attaching an IC alert can hurt a photographer’s reputation, why wouldn’t photographers always attach an “IC” to the “Guaranteed TCQ” label?

Because with some kinds of photography, photos without any alerts can seem more impressive to viewers.

But TCQ photographers should use “IC” all they want, knowing that there is never any harm in erring on the side of caution, never a danger of over-alerting viewers.

Viewers rarely object when photographers explain the backstory of a photograph, assuming that the explanation is easy for viewers to skip past.

In fact, for some TCQ photographers, the nature of their favorite subject matter may mean that most or all of their photographs need an “IC” to meet Q8.

An obvious example would be photographers who mainly photograph animals of typically wild species in less-than-fully-wild conditions but those conditions are not visible to the viewer.

Using an “IC” on a large percentage of their photos is not going to diminish their work, because all other TCQ photographers shooting the same subject matter and publishing their photos in the same context are likely to be attaching “IC” alerts to their “Guaranteed TCQ” photos too.

It is easy for a photographer to use one “Guaranteed TCQ” label to cover entire groups of their photographs