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TCQ helps level the playing field

. . . between photos that are left undoctored
(to optimize “trustworthiness”)

vs. photos that are doctored
(to optimize “appearance”).

Background brief on the two kinds of photos

Why was the playing field uneven before TCQ came along?

Because viewers can instantly judge a photograph’s “appearance” just by looking—

— but viewers cannot reliably judge a photo’s “trustworthiness” just by looking. They need help.

For the first couple of decades of the digital era it made sense for photographers to optimize what viewers could immediately see (“appearance”) rather than what viewers could not immediately see (“trustworthiness”).

The arrival of the “Guaranteed TCQ” label changes the equation, shoring up photographers who choose to optimize “trustworthiness.”

The “Guaranteed TCQ” label makes it possible for viewers to instantly see when the photographer is guaranteeing that he or she has done all they can to optimize the photograph’s trustworthiness.

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Background brief: Photographers often have to make a choice between “appearance” and “trustworthiness”

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