More on FAQ #112

112. What’s the distinction [described on the Summary page in #11] between the “hundreds of millions of new TCQ photos made every day” vs. “photos that are likely to be labeled ‘Guaranteed TCQ’”?

Billions of snapshots made every week are viewed by one person at most (never being shared at all). Billions more snapshots are seen by only 2 or 3 people (being shared only once).

There’s no reason to put a “trust”-related label like TCQ on most of those TCQ-qualified snapshots any more than the “Nonfiction” label would be put on the typical grocery list (even though those lists would qualify for that label).

But some photos stand apart

There will always be a few photos that are so striking that they stand out above the others, leading large numbers of viewers to wonder whether they can believe their eyes.

For impressive photos that qualify as TCQ, the “Guaranteed TCQ” label reassures viewers that the photo they are seeing is free of doctoring, deception, added effects, and other things that viewers want to know about when they are deciding how much to trust a photograph.

Most members of the public will likely be surprised how few impressive-looking photographs they see outside of news settings are going to be “Guaranteed TCQ” by the photographer in credible contexts.

Is the “Guaranteed TCQ” label only for impressive photographs?