More on FAQ #1203

1203. Can photographers use their own definitions of “undoctored” when making TCQ photographs?

Photographers can define any terms any way they want, but regardless of personal definitions if a photograph doesn’t meet Q2 it is disqualified from TCQ.

Photos that meet Q2 are defined as “undoctored,” not the other way around.

One cannot simply define the term “undoctored” any way that one wishes and say a photo described by that definition meets Q2.

The same is true for meeting the other 8 characteristics of widely trusted photographs, each of which viewers care about as well.

Photographers can personally define each of the 9 characteristics any way they want, but if they want their photograph to qualify for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label, it must fully meet all 9 qualifications as spelled out in the Trust Checklist.

See also the FAQ on the term “undoctored”