More on FAQ #124

124. What if the photographer says he or she only made “minor” changes to the photograph?

Viewers should be skeptical unless the photographer spells out exactly what “minor” includes.

Otherwise things that the photographer wants to characterize as “minor” could be things that you, the viewer, might consider “major” if you knew about them.

The beauty of the “Guaranteed TCQ” label is that with only two words (“Guaranteed” and “TCQ”) it summarizes the things that are spelled out, in detail, on pages and pages of this website.

That saves photographers the need to spell out those things with each photo they put before the public — and keeps viewers from having to decipher what each photographer personally defines as “minor” changes.

When it comes to actions that disqualify photos from the Trust Checklist, TCQ doesn’t distinguish between “minor” and “major” manipulations