More on FAQ #1704

1704. What about misrepresentation of the scene’s appearance that is caused by routine camera imperfections?

Things like lens flare, corner/edge darkening, and barrel or pincushion distortion do not disqualify a photograph from TCQ — even though they aren’t visible in the actual scene being photographed — because those effects are allowed by respected news agencies.

Respected international news agencies” use the same cameras and lenses available to everyone else.

Thus those agencies face (and allow for) the same limitations of the medium that everyone else faces — including the factors listed in the first paragraph above.

That’s why correction of “camera/ lens/ shutter anomalies” is one of TCQ’s 10 kinds of Allowable Changes.

(As the page on def|pen notes, camera/ lens/ shutter anomalies can be corrected, partially corrected, or left as is — but the post-exposure simulation or exaggeration of these effects always disqualifies the resulting image from TCQ.)

See also the discussion on the nature of “portrayal”