More on FAQ #208

Two notes on the “erasing” videos

1. Most people who see those objects removed in the videos know where to look for indications that those specific photos have been doctored, and to those viewers the changes are not completely “undetectable.”

But the typical viewer who didn’t see the “Before” version of such photos would likely not notice these kinds of deletions — especially if the photographer later clones more “variety” into the doctored portions of the photographs, as is often done.

(Furthermore, the deletions probably would not be noticed by someone who gives the photograph the one or two seconds of attention that most photographs now get.)

2. The two videos in #208 present a simple challenge for anyone who claims that “it is no easier to undetectably doctor photographs now than it was in the pre-digital age.”

The person making that claim should be allowed several seconds to perform “by hand” similar manipulations (that is, using a physical brush and actual paint to paint over the items removed in the videos) on a non-digital photograph—

— and then invite others to examine the retouched print or negative to see if they can detect the changes.