More on FAQ #209

209. Won’t advances in technology eventually render the Trust Checklist obsolete?

No, because the Trust Checklist is based not on any specific technology or equipment but on the 9 characteristics of the most-widely trusted photographs.

To determine how photographs can meet those 9 characteristics, the Trust Checklist will always incorporate the changes that billions of devices instantly perform by default—

— and then will always apply the standards of the world’s largest providers of trusted photographs, whoever they may be in a given era, to ensure that the photograph isn’t misrepresentative (Q7) or deceptive (Q8).

Obviously as technologies come and go, some of the specifics within the drop-down details of the Trust Checklist may be tweaked to account for new ways that photographs are made.

But the 9 basics will stay the same.

In a challenging century of extreme public skepticism, it is unlikely that any respected international news agency will dismiss any of the 9 characteristics as being “no longer essential to earning viewers’ trust”—

— especially not when there are other compelling ways of visually conveying information (most notably video) that aren’t expected to have all 9 characteristics.