More on FAQ #220

220. What good is it for TCQ to regard photographs as subjective “interpretations” if the general public still regards photos at objective “facts”?

Most of the public doesn’t still think photographs are objective “facts.”

Photography has been radically democratized and demythologized, thanks to billions of people who never would have carried a camera before but now have one with them every day (and post billions of photos on social media every day).

When people see the same popular subject matter portrayed in myriad different ways by myriad different photographers, they realize that there is no single “correct” view. When that realization happens billions of times over, the result is that very few people still regard photographs as objective “facts.”

Instead, even undoctored, non-deceptive photographs are increasingly regarded as subjective records of “what one person saw, in one small corner of the world, at one unrepeatable moment in time,” to quote from Summary #20.