More on FAQ #303

303. What if I’m an established photographer, with an established online presence, but many of the photos I’ve put out there in years past are not TCQ-qualified? How should I deal with TCQ?

You can do whatever feels most natural with your personal philosophy and the kind of photos you want to make.

Use of TCQ is always always completely voluntary and optional, so it is easy to not use TCQ. TCQ was never intended for every photograph or every photographer!

If you are interested in using TCQ:

A. Whether or not you adopt “B” below, if you want to make any use at all of TCQ in the future you can point out that TCQ didn’t exist until 2021, so your earlier photos “are what they are.”

B. Whether or not you adopt “A” above, you can declare that starting with photos you put online after TCQ was introduced (April 2021), you will note when a photo is TCQ-qualified.

C. If appropriate and desirable, you can go back to your originals from before 2021 and repost TCQ-qualified versions of them in 2021 and beyond.


Most viewers will likely not consider it a big deal if a photographer’s website or social media pages have some photos — both before and after April 2021 — that are not labeled “Guaranteed TCQ” and some that are labeled.

The public will soon learn that many advanced photographers make plenty of both kinds of photos (TCQ and non-TCQ), just as viewers will learn that the absence of the “Guaranteed TCQ” label doesn’t mean a photograph is deceptive or untrustworthy (see #125).