More on FAQ #308

308. What if I’m not happy about TCQ designating a lot of my photos as “doctored”?

TCQ is based on a worldwide consensus, so it’s not going to change.

But it is made clear throughout this website that:

a) it is very easy for anyone, at any level, to make TCQ photographs, using almost any device or camera, regardless of what they think of TCQ’s definition of “doctored”; and

b) TCQ was never intended for everyone and is not applicable to large swaths of the photography world (including these kinds of photographs).

• Anyone who decides TCQ is not for them — for whatever reason — can easily ignore it, since each person can credibly apply the “Guaranteed TCQ” label only to their own photographs and never to someone else’s.

• And anyone who thinks the definition of “doctored” should be different from TCQ’s definition is free to go public with their own definition and — if they wish — to build a consensus around it.

See also #519 (on why TCQ’s definition of “undoctored” is what it is), and see the guide to making a less-strict standard.