More on FAQ #311

311. What if I think TCQ just looks too complicated?

You can just ignore it!

But making TCQ photographs is very easy and TCQ really isn’t that complicated.

One cannot judge TCQ’s complexity by the size of this website.

• Many pages here are devoted to addressing the thousands of different ways that photographers might want to change photographs after they are taken.

• Most of those pages are not necessary for most photographers to read.

Besides, a fair number of photographers would say that learning about

“What makes some photographs more trustworthy than others”

(which in recent years has gotten little attention)

. . . can be just as important as learning about

“What makes some photographs more attractive than others”

(which has always gotten plenty of attention).

People who are serious about making good photographs have traditionally decided that numerous things (shutter-speed, aperture, ISO) that initially seemed “complicated” are worth learning —

— and once they understand those things, they don’t have to relearn them.

TCQ is no exception to that realization.

Either way, use of TCQ is always completely voluntary and optional.

TCQ was never intended for every photographer or every photograph. Any photographer can ignore TCQ, for whatever reason.