More on FAQ 315

315. Why are the kinds of photographs on the “Unsuited to TCQ” list not suited to TCQ?

Because to please clients and viewers, those types of photographs typically undergo post-exposure changes that keep them from meeting the Trust Checklist.

Examples of those disqualifying changes include

• Removal of blemishes and flaws that were part of the scene depicted (removing flaws that were not part of the scene is allowed by TCQ)

• Reshaping the depictions of objects to achieve “perspective correction

• Combining of exposures in TCQ-disqualifying ways (guide to combining)

Adding or deleting things in the photograph

Not TCQ? Not a problem

TCQ celebrates “the undoctored record” of “what the camera saw.”

But preserving “the undoctored record” is not the goal for many photographers or in some large categories of photography where “the appearance of the final photograph” is prized above all else.

Obviously TCQ — which was never intended for everyone! — is not well-suited for those photographers or those kinds of photography.




















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