More on FAQ #323

323. If it’s so easy to make TCQ photographs (“hundreds of millions of new ones are made every day,” it says in #10 on the Summary page), why is it such a challenge to make photographs that are both “impressive” and “TCQ-qualified”?

Because of viewers’ higher expectations.

• Achieving the “TCQ qualified” half of the challenge is easy.

• Achieving the “impressive” half of the challenge is hard.

It is hard because the public’s standards of what constitutes an “impressive” photograph will rise ever higher in years to come as new means are invented for “augmenting reality” in photographs.

Databases of millions of similar photographs to choose from for insertion into the background, AI capabilities for instantly identifying and replacing problematic areas in photographs, and computational methods of filling in and adding to photographs will combine with powerful smartphone processors to routinely ensure “visually perfect” photos.

The result will be continually rising public expectations of what constitutes an “impressive” photograph.