More on FAQ #329

329. Why does TCQ say that photographers are “staking their reputation” on the “Guaranteed TCQ” label each time they use it?

Because photographers can damage their reputation if in a publicly trusted context they inappropriately label even just a single photograph as “Guaranteed TCQ” (or when they fail to attach an “IC” alert when one is warranted).

Obviously on social media “anything goes,” with little or no consequence.

But trusted contexts” are “trusted” for a reason: viewers respect them and take seriously what is said and published in those contexts.

Multiple high-profile incidents in the past four decades have demonstrated that when publishing in a reputable context it can be very difficult for a photographer to fully erase from the Internet a public misstep.

That difficulty is amplified when a third-party content provider points out that it was the photographer — not the provider — who had inappropriately labeled a photograph as “Guaranteed TCQ” (as content-providers are allowed to do; see #1 here).