More on FAQ #331

331. What are the rules for attaching the “Guaranteed TCQ” label to a photograph?

There are no rules, just as there are no rules for the “Nonfiction” label that is applied to books.

Rules aren’t necessary, because any photographer trying to convince viewers to trust a photo is unlikely to do anything that will jeopardize viewers’ trust.

— If viewers don’t see the “Guaranteed TCQ” label, there’s no point in labeling the photograph.

— If viewers don’t see the name (or personal URL) of the photographer making the guarantee, viewers will just disregard the “Guaranteed TCQ” label.

Any photographer or publisher who looks at the list of reasons viewers can disregard the “Guaranteed TCQ” label will realize they can’t take chances if they’re serious about convincing viewers to trust a photograph.

So — apart from common sense — no “rules” are necessary.