More on FAQ #606

606. Why doesn’t TCQ simply disqualify photographs in which the subject was manipulated in any way?

Because that would not be realistic, especially when “subject manipulation” is defined as broadly as it is on this website (see #601).

Disqualifying every photograph that could be described as “subject manipulated” would rule out millions of perfectly trustworthy photographs made every day.

For example, if a political candidate touches up her lipstick before she gives a press conference, would all photographs of her at the lectern for that press conference be disqualified for “subject manipulation”?

The public is aware that almost all photographs depict subjects that have been “manipulated” in some way at some point before the photograph was taken.

TCQ’s position is that any photograph that is not TCQ-ineligible and does not misrepresent the appearance of the scene (Q7) can be explained and presented in a way (Q8) that is not deceptive.