More on FAQ #705

705. Are there any limits on what resizing can be done in a TCQ photograph?

There are no limits that are unexpected or burdensome.

A. A TCQ photograph can be resized by increasing (“up-rezzing”) or decreasing (“down-rezzing”) the resolution.

B. There are no limits to how much a TCQ photograph’s resolution can be decreased until it gets to small to see, that is but sometimes there are visual limits to how much a photograph’s resolution can be increased before it would be disqualified by rinairs (in Q7).

For example, to upsize a very small photo (say, 10 pixels by 10 pixels) into a very large photo (say, 10,000 pixels by 10,000 pixels) may look interesting but it would fail to meet rinairs and Q7.

C. A TCQ photograph can be downsized by reducing the Canvas Size (also called “cropping”; see #751)

D. A TCQ photograph cannot be upsized by increasing the Canvas Size or it will be disqualified by Q2.

For example, TCQ photographers cannot increase Canvas Size to add a strip of blank image area at the top of a photo to clone in some blank blue or gray/white sky.

E. All resizing is confined to the entire image. Individual elements, portions, or areas of the photograph may not be resized apart from the rest of the image; that’s why the word “within” is in Q2. (More on the most commonly resized element, the moon)

“E” above reflects Q3, which requires depicting all elements of the scene at the same scale regardless of whether those elements were recorded at different magnifications. See also #1306.