More on FAQ #714

714. What’s to prevent a photographer from using the excuse of “correcting a surface flaw” to doctor the area where the supposed flaw was, and then labeling the doctored photo as “Guaranteed TCQ”?

Nothing at all. But the “surface flaw” excuse isn’t really necessary if one wants to deceive viewers.

Except in cases where the photographer provides the nearest thing possible to a “Verifiably Unaltered Original” there are literally millions of ways to undetectably doctor a photograph and then deceive viewers by labeling the TCQ-disqualified photograph as “Guaranteed TCQ.”

Anyone who wants to stake their reputation on the guarantee that a non-qualified photograph is in fact TCQ-qualified will always be free to do so.

(Any photographer labeling a photo “Guaranteed TCQ” who anticipates challenges about the “surface-flaw” excuse described in #714 above can be prepared to show skeptics the original photo, before the correction of the surface flaw.)