More still on FAQ #118

“Does my smartphone’s self-facing camera doctor photographs?”

Even when a phone maker doesn’t incorporate the manipulations into the self-facing camera, aftermarket apps can seamlessly supply the manipulations.

Thus there is no model or brand of smartphone that is assuredly never going to incorporate any TCQ-disqualifying manipulations on the self-facing camera.

Note that the problem with selfies qualifying as TCQ isn’t the subject or the posed nature of the photo

Contrary to some people’s expectations, TCQ’s problem with selfies isn’t the subject, nor is the problem the “posed” nature of such photographs.

Posed” photographs of people are reliably eligible for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label if they meet all of the qualifications of the Trust Checklist and are made with smartphones’ away-facing camera.

Photos made using a smartphone’s “Portrait” mode are disqualified from TCQ unless any added bokeh-blur, lighting effects, and other filters are removed that misrepresent “what the camera saw” (as per Q7).