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Submitting TCQ-labeled photos

6 things expected of the photographer
when submitting TCQ-labeled photos to third-party content-providers

The photographer...

  • 1. Is 100% responsible

    The photographer is expected to accept full and sole personal and public responsibility for the appropriateness of the “Guaranteed TCQ” label on any labeled photograph that he or she submits to a third-party content-provider.

    (Of course, the 3P-CP is responsible if they mislabel, mis-present, misrepresent, or doctor the photograph after it is out of the photographer’s hands; see #4 here.)

  • 2. Will add “IC” alerts when needed

    The photographer is expected to add an “IC” alert to the “Guaranteed TCQ”-labeled photo if viewers would expect one given the circumstances of the photo.

    Anytime a photographer attaches the “Guaranteed TCQ” label to a photograph, they are also acknowledging the need in many cases to notify viewers of “inapparent circumstances” or other potentially deceptive aspects of the photograph as per Q8.

    Guide to IC alerts

  • 3. Will be both clear and honest about the name or URL to be used

    The photographer is expected to clearly provide the exact name or URL that is to be used to back up the “Guaranteed TCQ” label. (See also the section on “Accountability” here.)

    In submitting this name or URL, the photographer is guaranteeing that use of that name or that URL will not infringe upon the rights or reputation of any other photographer.

  • 4. Understands the high stakes

    The photographer is expected to understand that they are staking their reputation on each photograph that they label “Guaranteed TCQ.”

    In other words, TCQ photographers understand that their reputation can be permanently damaged (see #1 here) if they designate as “Guaranteed TCQ” a photograph that is later revealed to not fully meet the Trust Checklist, or when the photographer fails to attach an “IC” alert when an alert is warranted.

  • 5. Will not plead ignorance

    The photographer is expected to not plead ignorance about TCQ if challenged on the validity of the “Guaranteed TCQ” label that they applied.

    It is easy for photographers to decide — before they submit for publication a “Guaranteed TCQ”- labeled photograph — whether their photographs are qualified for the label. The Trust Checklist and numerous other pages on this website (for example here) spell out what can and cannot be done to TCQ photos.

    The photographer can also ask other photographers their opinion (tcq.photos never gets involved in judging photographs).

  • 6. Will be very clear

    If the photographer submits multiple photos to a content-provider, the photographer is expected to be very clear about . . .

    — which photos are “Guaranteed TCQ”;

    — which photos are “Guaranteed TCQ” only when an “IC” alert is attached;

    — which photos are not to be labeled “Guaranteed TCQ.”

    Since no one can credibly attach the “Guaranteed TCQ” label to someone else’s unlabeled photograph, if a 3P-CP does not see the label attached to a submitted photograph, the photograph will be published without the label.

See also what is expected of publishers