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Publishing TCQ-labeled photos

12 things expected of the third-party content provider (3P-CP) when publishing others’ TCQ-labeled photos

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No content-provider is ever obligated to do anything with TCQ

The content-provider...

  • 1. Can point to the photographer

    Any 3P-CP that publishes a “Guaranteed TCQ”-labeled photograph may publicly point out at any time that the photographer is solely responsible for labeling a photograph as “Guaranteed TCQ” — even when pointing this out could permanently damage the photographer’s reputation.


  • 2. Will not discriminate

    The 3P-CP is expected to not discriminate against a particular “Guaranteed TCQ”-labeled submission by leaving off its label when similar photos in the same context are published with their TCQ labels.

    But 3P-CPs do have other options when they believe that a submitted photograph was inappropriately labeled “Guaranteed TCQ.”

  • 3. Will leave the photo as is

    The 3P-CP is expected to leave the submitted photograph “as is,” not making any changes other than #1 and #2 on TCQ’s Allowable Changes list.

    (Those are the only two Allowable Changes that typically do not affect the content of the photograph in a notable way; see also #1205-1206.)

  • 4. Will not mis-present the photo

    The 3P-CP is expected to not compromise the photograph’s TCQ eligibility by misrepresenting or mis-presenting it. This includes not altering or removing any “IC” alert that accompanies the “Guaranteed TCQ” label.

  • 5. Will publish the photographer’s name as submitted

    Because the “name” is typically the way that the photographer is professionally known, the 3P-CP is expected to publish the photographer’s name as submitted (including when that name is a URL) in the same context, article, issue, or website as the labeled photograph. [If the submitted name or URL is offensive or problematic, the 3P-CP can exercise its right not to publish the label or even the photo.]

    But the 3P-CP does not need to publish the photographer’s name in the same exact location or size as the “Guaranteed TCQ” label (and “IC” if present).

    Particularly when the photographer’s submitted “name” is a lengthy URL, the 3P-CP may choose to publish it in a smaller size than, and different location from, the “Guaranteed TCQ” label.

  • 6. Will match the “IC” with the label

    The 3P-CP is expected to publish at least the “IC” part of an IC alert in the same font, color, size, and location as the “Guaranteed TCQ” label so that any viewer who sees the “Guaranteed TCQ” label is immediately aware that there is an IC attached. Guide to IC alerts.

  • 7. Is not expected to check photos

    The 3P-CP is never expected to check or verify the validity of the “Guaranteed TCQ” label on a photo.

    That is solely the photographer’s responsibility (see #1 here).

  • 8. Is free of blame

    The 3P-CP is completely free of responsibility or blame if it turns out that the photographer inappropriately labeled the photograph as “Guaranteed TCQ” (see #1 above).

    The term “inappropriately labeled” includes the photographer’s omission of an “IC” alert when one is warranted, and it includes the photographer’s failure to add sufficient explanation to an “IC” alert when more explanation is warranted.

  • 9. Will follow basic labeling protocol

    The 3P-CP is expected to print the words “Guaranteed TCQ” in English and will ensure that viewers can readily find the identity of the photographer.

  • 10. Can emphasize photographer’s role

    The 3P-CP is free to further emphasize (in any way it chooses) the TCQ photographer’s personal accountability even though the words “Guaranteed TCQ” already denote that the photographer is standing behind the guarantee.

  • 11. Can keep photos online forever

    The 3P-CP may — for its own credibility — commit to having any “Guaranteed TCQ”-labeled photos publicly viewable for as long as the 3P-CP’s website exists.

    The 3P-CP is never obligated at any time to take down photos to protect the reputation of a photographer who had inappropriately applied the “Guaranteed TCQ” label.

  • 12. Will disclose deviations from this list

    The 3P-CP is expected to tell photographers when its policies regarding “Guaranteed TCQ”-labeled photographs differ from the expectations outlined above.

See also what is expected of photographers