#8 in a series of “how-to” guides

Perspective and camera position

When recording a photograph, TCQ photographers can position and point the camera wherever they choose, knowing that they are committing to the exact “perspective” that the camera is seeing when the shutter is clicked.

— But a photograph is ALWAYS disqualified from Q2 if, after the photograph is recorded, the depiction of anything in the photograph is reshaped* to make it look like the camera had been positioned or pointed somewhere other than where it was actually positioned or pointed during the exposure(s).

This disqualification includes post-exposure reshaping that was programmed pre-shutter, such as Leica’s electronic “Perspective correction” feature and its smartphone equivalents. As reflected in the first paragraph above, TCQ photographs depict what the camera actually saw, not what the photographer wishes the camera had seen.

See also #3 in this brief.

*The only reason anything can ever be reshaped in a TCQ photo is to correct for camera/lens/shutter anomalies