When the 3P-CP has doubts

3P-CPs have multiple options when they believe that a submitted photograph has been inappropriately labeled ‘Guaranteed TCQ’ by the photographer:

A. The 3P-CP can choose not to publish the photograph.

B. The 3P-CP can tell the photographer they will not publish the photograph if it is labeled “Guaranteed TCQ.” The photographer then can choose between removing the label so that the photo is published vs. not having the photograph published at all.

C. If the 3P-CP believes that the photo meets Q1-Q7 but cannot meet Q8 because it does not depict what it appears to depict, the 3P-CP can tell the photographer that they will not publish it unless an “IC” alert is added (or unless the “IC” alert is expanded, if that alert is already there).

D. The 3P-CP can publish the photo with the “Guaranteed TCQ” label and the photographer’s name, reminding viewers that the photographer is fully and solely responsible for the appropriateness of the “Guaranteed TCQ” label.