#2 of TCQ’s Allowable Changes

Allowable Change #2
Resizing the entire photograph

A. The overall image area may be resized — before and/or after cropping — but no select portions of the image area can be resized apart from that overall resizing or the result is disqualified from Q2.

B. Q2 prohibits any enlargement of the moon, one of the most common examples of selective resizing. More on shooting the moon

C. Q3 prohibits any variation in the scale of component elements when combining exposures should any elements have been recorded using a different magnification.

D. In a TCQ photograph, the Canvas Size may be reduced (that’s called cropping).

E. But increasing Canvas Size always disqualifies a photograph from Q2 even if the added area is filled with something that “could have” been recorded or is even cloned from within the same photograph, like a blown-out background or blank blue sky.


FAQ questions #705 and 706 also address resizing