#5 of TCQ’s Allowable Changes

Allowable Change #5
(Going back to the earliest saved version)

and Undoing

(Going back one step, about which there isn’t much more to say)

“Reverting” on a smartphone may sound trivial, but it is actually among the most useful tools that TCQ photographers have.

Except when a photo is “TCQ-ineligible” from the start, TCQ photographers who have been playing with various manipulations of a photo can instantly go back to the initially recorded image, which usually IS eligible to qualify.

In most cases a smartphone can instantly “restore” the most unmanipulated version of a photograph that was recorded on that particular phone.

A “TCQ button” would make the process even easier

TCQ photographers who aren’t using a smartphone are advised to always save any supporting images, including their unaltered originals; see “B” on this page.

Is it possible to “undoctor“ a photograph?


See also FAQ questions #731-734 on Reverting