#8 of TCQ’s Allowable Changes

Allowable Change #8

Sharpening can be done to TCQ photos as long as the combined result meets rinairs, as per Q7.

(Sharpening is allowed by rinairs and TCQ because it is baked in to billions of devices and cameras.)

There are so many varieties and combinations of sharpening that it is impossible to impose any specific limits.

For example, “selective” sharpening cannot be prohibited, because it is routine and typically non-deceptive to apply less sharpening to featureless areas of a photograph (such as blue sky) and apply more sharpening to detailed areas of the same photograph (such as birds’ feathers and eyes).

Again, the combination of all sharpening-related actions has to meet Q7 if a photograph is to remain eligible for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label.

In other words, any sharpening effects that fail to meet rinairs thus disqualify a photo from TCQ.