The “Guaranteed TCQ” label isn’t magic

The “Guaranteed TCQ” label on a photograph reflects nothing more than a claim by the photographer that the photograph fully meets the Trust Checklist.

Not that that claim is insignificant: the photographer is effectively staking their reputation on that claim (see #329).

But just as with the “Nonfiction” label on books, the “Guaranteed TCQ” label on photographs does not have magical powers.

The “Guaranteed TCQ” label does not alter the content of the photograph itself, and the label does not miraculously cause everyone who sees that photograph to instantly trust it.

Nor is the label is ever any kind of official “seal of approval.

Just as with the “Nonfiction” label on books, there is never any person or any organization who oversees or monitors the use of the “Guaranteed TCQ” label.

In the end, whether or not it is appropriate to apply the “Guaranteed TCQ” label to any photograph is always decided by the photographer responsible for that photo and not by anyone else.