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AI-generated imagery/imaging

It is now possible, using artificial intelligence (AI), to type descriptive words into a computer and generate what looks like a perfectly realistic photograph — a “photograph” made without any camera, depicting a scene that never existed.

On this website, both entire images and individual visual elements that are created by AI* are lumped under the term “AIGI.”

It is expected that eventually AIGI capabilities will be integrated into cameras and smartphones, with no separate computer necessary.

At this early stage, no one can fully foresee the wide-ranging effects of AIGI.

But the convincing realism of AI-generated images — coupled with the unreality of the scenes depicted — is likely to shake the public’s trust in photographs more than Photoshop ever did.

At least one large photo agency has declared a ban on AIGI, and many photographers are alarmed by AI-generated imaging — with a few even fretting that it will mean “the death of photography.”

For more on AIGI, see FAQ questions 233–235.


*Important note

This page (above) focuses on AI-generated images and AI-generated additions to images.

But “Artificial Intelligence” has applications in many other photographic roles (e.g., autofocus) that do not diminish the trustworthiness of the resulting photographs.