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barrel distortion
pincushion distortion

What is barrel distortion?

What is pincushion distortion?

The post-exposure correction of barrel distortion and pincushion distortion (and combinations of the two) does not disqualify photographs from the “Guaranteed TCQ” label.

“Barrel- and pincushion distortion correction” is listed under Category #4 of the Allowable Changes that are linked to Q2.

(Barrel- and pincushion distortion correction is on the “Allowables” list because it is “baked in” to hundreds of millions of devices and is often done “in-camera” without the photographer’s telling the device to do it.)

As with corrections of surface flaws, in a TCQ-qualified photograph barrel and pincushion distortion (and combinations of the two) may be left as is, may be partially corrected, or may be fully corrected.

If the barrel/pincushion distortion is so excessive, unfamiliar, or potentially deceptive that a respected news organization would provide a separate viewer-alert if the photograph was used in an information-reportage setting, then the TCQ photographer must attach an “IC” alert to the photo.