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blurring (pre-shutter)

Blur that is NOT disqualified by Q7:

1. Motion blur caused by movement of the subject and camera in relation to each other

See also the guide to panning and camera shake

2. Optically generated blur — that is, any softness of the rendering that is caused by lens/aperture/focus choices, including focus/bokeh blur

The result of #1 and #2 must meet Q7 (for example with regard to avoiding excessive lens softness) and the motarri principle applies

Blur that IS disqualified by Q7:

3. All varieties of pre-shutter blur that are not caused by #1 or #2 above. This includes blur caused by accessories mounted on the front of the lens and blur caused by zooming the lens during the exposure

4. All varieties of blur that are added after the exposure, including smartphones’ bokeh blur

See also the brief on def|pen.