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common wishes
by photographers

Can I...

• add
• replace
• resize
• move
• modify
• blur
• reshape

the depiction of...

atmospheric effects
blemishes on the subject
• car headlight beams in fog or night
• catchlights in eyes
• clouds
contrails in the sky
• flaws on the subject
• freckles
• God beams of light
• graffiti
• light beams streaming through a window
• lightning
• lint on clothing
• litter
• markings on animal hides
• moles on skin
• the moon
• overhead power lines
• pimples
• rainbows
• reflections (on anything)
• scars
• shadows
• tattoos
• visible beams of light
• weather effects
• wrinkles

. . . in my photo?”

The answer is


if you want the photograph to qualify for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label, because except for the effects of TCQ’s Allowable Changes, doing so will disqualify the result from Qualification #2.

It doesn’t matter

whether you think the change is “trivial,” or “insignificant,” or “small,” or “minor,” or if you have perfectly good reasons for wanting to do it;

Q2 is very clear.


NOTE that this page (above) lists only a few examples of the kind of popular manipulations that 21st-century photographers routinely perform without a second thought.

Literally millions more things could be added to the list, but any photographer familiar with TCQ already knows that Q2 applies to depictions of things like people and buildings and planes and trains and automobiles.