More on “darkroom” vs. “digital”

Both “darkroom” and “digital” changes can be used to produce both TCQ and non-TCQ photographs.

TCQ-eligible” example:

If the blue sky in a photograph meets rinairs for non-misrepresentation of the appearance of the scene, that aspect of that photograph can meet Q7 and the photo can remain eligible to qualify as TCQ.

It doesn’t matter whether the non-misreprestative appearance of the sky was achieved using lens-mounted filters, a particular film choice, filtration choices on a color enlarger, the color controls in Photoshop, the color controls on a smartphone, or any combination of these.

TCQ-disqualified” example:

By the same token, if the moon in a photograph undergoes post-exposure enlargement compared to the rest of the photograph, that photograph will always be disqualified from TCQ.

That “bigger moon” photo will disqualified by at least two qualifications of the Trust Checklist, regardless of whether the moon was enlarged digitally, through a double exposure in camera, by inserting the moon into the photo using a program like Photoshop, via a darkroom “sandwich,” or by another means.

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