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Post-exposure “darkroom” changes
post-exposure “digital” changes

When deciding whether a photograph does or does not qualify for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label, TCQ makes no distinction between “digital changes” and “darkroom changes.”

Some people believe that photographs made with a film camera and processed in a darkroom are inherently more trustworthy than photographs made with a digital camera and processed in Photoshop.

But it is easy to make untrustworthy photographs with film, just as it is easy to make trustworthy photographs with digital.

Almost all of the most-widely trusted photographs of our time are made digitally.

In fact, in reportage photography non-manipulation standards are higher in the digital era than they were the film era (in the mid-20th century, even large newsmagazines would doctor photos to a degree that many 21st-century readers would find very surprising).

TCQ and the Trust Checklist never favor one technology over another.

Written examples of how “darkroom” and “digital” changes can both be used to produce both TCQ and non-TCQ photographs.