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“light-related” aspects

(also called “tones and colors”)

Every depiction in every photograph is either “light”-related or non-“light”-related (most depictions of things in photographs contain both aspects).

The two aspects behave very differently from each other — with significant implications regarding “viewer trust.

“Light”-related aspects of photographs (addressed by TCQ’s Allowable Changes linked to Q2) — sometimes called “tones and colors” on this website — include the general categories of

• brightness
• contrast
• hue
• saturation

Numerous related specific subcategories, tools, and actions are covered by the term “light-related changes” in the Allowable Changes list, such as

• converting a film negative to a positive
• converting a color photo to black-and-white
• burning
• dodging
• highlight detail
• shadow detail
• curves
• levels
• white balance
• color balance
• tonal relationships in monochrome (black-and-white) photographs
• various other light-related items (including most of the options on the Image > Adjustments menu in Photoshop and their corollaries in similar programs).

See also the FAQ on light and the background brief on light





















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