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Qualification #5 of the Trust Checklist allows for making photographs using either of two common definitions of the term “moment.”

Definition #1. “An uninterrupted interval of time”

Under definition #1, a “moment” is defined not by its length but by its uninterrupted nature

Once a “Definition #1” moment is interrupted or ended by any means, resumption even of the same activity constitutes a separate period of time — a separate moment — and not a continuation of the first moment.

The Definition #1 kind of “moment” can be years, decades, or even centuries long: “At this moment in history, China is the most populous country in the world.”

Definition #1. “A very brief period of time”

For definition #2, Q5 of the Trust Checklist employs the briefest universally familiar time unit that accommodates the multi-exposure behaviors of hundreds of millions of devices: the minute.

As per Q5, all combined exposures in a TCQ photograph must begin and end within the same single minute.


Note that a single-exposure, undoctored photograph remains the gold standard for viewers and the reference point for TCQ.

That’s why Q4 of the Trust Checklist is written to ensure that even when multiple exposures are combined, the result will look like a single-exposure, undoctored photograph.

For more on moment”-related issues, see the FAQ on Q5