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Especially for readers for whom English is not their first language, it may help to understand the two related words that are spelled the same way but pronounced differently:

1. The verb “to record” (pronounced ree-CORD)

To “record” (ree-CORD) is to create from something temporary a more permanent representation of that thing.

Examples of the verb:

1A. With an audio recorder or smartphone, you can “record” (ree-CORD) a speech or a music concert

1B. With a camera you can “record” (ree-CORD) things that you see

1C. With a personal journal you can “record” (ree-CORD) your thoughts and observations

2. The noun “a record” (pronounced “RECK-urd”)

A “record” (RECK-urd) is the result of “recording” something (#1 above.)

Examples of the noun:

2A. An “audio record” (RECK-urd) will replay a speech or a music concert that was recorded

2B. The “photographic record” (RECK-urd) of something can show what it looked like (not perfectly, of course!).

2C. A “written record” (RECK-urd) of your observations while traveling will remind you of what you saw on your trip.


There are of course numerous other meanings of the word “record.”