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record (noun: “a record”)

TCQ uses the noun “record” to describe “what the camera recorded.” The term means nothing more and nothing less.

For reasons explained in this brief, TCQ embraces a uniquely 21st-century view of photographs, regarding them not as objective “facts” but as “records” of “what one person saw, in one small corner of the world, at one repeatable time.”

Some of those photographic “records” will be more trustworthy than other photographic “records” are (see FAQ #212), but on this website all photographic “records” are treated as “subjective” perspectives, not as “objective facts.”

See FAQ #229 for more on this perspective. Questions #218-221 have more on the “subjective” nature of all photographs.

Readers for whom English is not their first language may want to read this short explanation of the different meanings and pronunciations of the word “record.”