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Marks on the subject’s skin

Birthmarks, freckles, moles, pimples, tattoos, wrinkles and the like on the skin of the subject of a photograph are “part of the scene being depicted.”

Thus — as per Q2 — in a TCQ photograph marks/blemishes/flaws on a person’s skin cannot be added, deleted, replaced, resized, recolored, moved, modified, blurred, or reshaped apart from the effects of TCQ’s Allowable Changes.

The removal of “surface flaws” that is allowed by TCQ applies only to flaws on the surface of the photograph, not flaws in the scene being depicted.

Some other things that are treated the same way

No surprise here:

“Portraits” are listed as one of the Subjects that are not well-suited to TCQ because rinairs means depicting every subject as it is recorded by the camera — “warts and all” — and many people do not want that in their own portrait (although of course undoctored portraits can qualify as TCQ; see also #316).

The pre-shutter obscuring of marks on skin through the application of makeup does not disqualify a photograph from TCQ; no photograph is ever disqualified from TCQ because of what was done to the subject.

“But I’m just making the photo look the way the subject could have looked!”