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subject manipulation

Subject manipulation by itself does not disqualify photographs from TCQ if viewers are aware of it.

Like the term “photograph,” the term “subject manipulation” is defined very broadly on this website:

“Subject manipulation” is defined as any human-related action — intentional or accidental — that affects in any way the subject depicted in a photograph

whether that action is performed by the photographer, by the subject, or by someone else, and whether the manipulation is performed “for the camera” or not.

Thus the term “subject manipulation” includes tweaking, adjusting, arranging, orchestrating, influencing, managing, moving, posing, staging, guiding, directing, steering, nudging, or repositioning whatever is being photographed (including a person) at any time before the photograph is recorded.

No photograph of any three-dimensional scene is ever disqualified from TCQ because of what was done to the subject—

— but many “subject-manipulated” photographs cannot meet Q8 (and thus cannot qualify for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label) unless an “IC,” and usually more explanation, is attached to the photograph. More on “IC” alerts.

FAQ on subject manipulation