“TCQ photos are about what the camera saw, not what the photographer wishes the camera had seen.”

Three things this means for photographers:

1. The photographer must leave the photograph completely “as is” — except for a select few allowable changes — if it is to qualify for the “Guaranteed TCQ” label. (See Q2 of the Trust Checklist.)

2. TCQ photographers have to forego applying their personal “style” if that style involves changing the look of the photograph to something other than “what the camera saw” (as judged by rinairs; see Q7 of the Trust Checklist). More

3. As this page explains, TCQ photographers can retain most visual effects that were caused by things that affected the photograph during the exposure—

—but after the exposure the photographer cannot doctor the photo to simulate those same visual effects.

The Summary in the background brief on light explains how TCQ draws the line on manipulation.